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The originator of the time-base oscilloscope and precision electrical test & measurement equipment welcomes a global brand refresh to signal change.

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Founded in Beaverton, Oregon, in the wake of World War ll, Tektronix was the originator of the time-base oscilloscope, and continuously advanced the horizon of precision electrical test & measurement equipment. Tektronix solutions have supported many of humankind’s greatest advances of the past 65 years: Health. Communications. Mobility. Space. Growing to thousands of employees, and spanning the world, this leading global brand was acquired by Danaher Corp. in 2007, and challenged to further innovate and grow.


As electronics became smaller and more capable, they became more complex. Necessary innovation had to be met with ever-advancing technical capability. Tektronix faced global competition, as lower-cost providers sought to exploit a commodity components business with look-alike products, while sophisticated customers increased their demand for high-performance hardware, specialty applications, test integration solutions, and software.
Stoke was engaged by the senior leadership team to conduct a comprehensive strategy program for Tektronix, including market research, competitive audit, business visioning and brand experience audit.
From a global, quantitative research study we learned the Tektronix brand, while widely known and admired, was challenged to articulate a consistent difference only at the technical level of ‘speeds & feeds.’  However,  there was clear evidence that Tektronix corporate vision and style of collaboration factored heavily when consumers were challenged only to discern between technical specification sheets of competing hardware. Tektronix was demonstrated to be unique as a design-engineering company that manufactured and supported the test, measurement and monitoring solutions that break through the walls of complexity, to accelerate global innovation.


Stoke made a strategic positioning recommendation to Tektronix, to align the company’s brand, including services, support and R&D around the promise of the future, delivering high-performance technologies, but emphasizing and organizing around the process of digital discoveries that will rapidly re-shape the world.
Rather than emphasize products and signal fidelity, Tek’s brand would center on the commitment to scientists, engineers and technicians around the world who will define the future, and rely on Tektronix to embrace the technological challenge, as partners in their innovation.
This relentless dedication to advance the digital future is captured in the manifesto Stoke created for Tektronix: “Revolutioneering.”
A new brand architecture was developed, concentrating focus on a strong Tektronix parent brand – which was then expressed with a new logo. A set of six brand values was adopted and then deeply integrated into the strategic planning cycle at enterprise, divisional and market levels. A company-wide training program preceded the brand launch, with a new messaging and visual identity system, including print, digital and advertising and new web site.
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