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Born in Vancouver, BC, Stormtech has grown to become one of the largest private label apparel companies in Canada. Stormtech called on Stoke to help with the next step: expansion to the consumer channel and a new retail brand.

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In 1977 Stormtech’s enterprising founder Blake Annabelle began designing and manufacturing sports equipment and apparel in Western Canada for specialty retailers and corporate clients. What began as a small personal venture (selling out of a van, no less) eventually grew to become one of the largest privately owned and operated international apparel companies. Proudly British Columbian, the brand is renowned for the design and manufacturing quality in outdoor and active apparel.


While focused in B2B marketing, surging consumer interest in Stormtech’s outdoor apparel invited the company to consider a retail brand. With the increasing commoditization of corporate apparel, the company was driven to diversity its channels and bolster the brand.

Stormtech turned to Stoke to help explore the landscape, assess the positioning opportunity and establish a new consumer-facing brand.


Through our research partner Lux Insights, we conducted quantitative research that identified segments and scale markets for two consumer archetypes: “Scenery Seekers” and “Rejuvenators.” Their activity profile includes a wide variety of walking, hiking, running, camping, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, and photography.

But it’s their emotional relationship to the outdoors, more than a specific sport or technical pursuit, which distinguishes them.

These consumers require technical performance, a comfortable fit, and thoughtful features at a compelling price point.

A new brand position was adopted – Nurtured by Nature – positioning Stormtech as the lifestyle brand for those who are compelled to wander, wonder and recharge by physically engaging the natural world.

A new iconic monogram and signal color establishes the brand’s technical strength. We also developed a distinct photography style that captures the majesty and wonder of the outdoors, celebrating the personal escape. Fitting snugly between the sedentary outdoors (think LL Bean) and the extreme vertical adventure (and insane expense of over-engineered apparel), Stormtech is perfectly positioned to offer style, comfort and performance for personal escapes.

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