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Stoke helped facilitate Callisons’ transformation from a mint supplier to a flavor creation company with a bold new brand position, visual identity and website.

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Since 1903, I.P. Callison & Sons has been the leading supplier of mint oils in the world. Seeking to expand their expertise into other flavor profiles – and take on a partnership role with clients in developing new flavor products – the company needed a refreshed brand identity to better reflect this new business model.


I.P. Callison & Sons began a journey to transition from a supplier of mint oil to a flavor innovation company – beyond mint flavors for toothpaste and gum, to developing sweet, tangy and savory flavors for everything from candies and confections to chips and shakable seasonings. In addition, they began working in close collaboration with clients to develop new flavor profiles, applications and products. This partnership approach was an increasingly important aspect of their business.

Stoke conducted research with clients, stakeholders and executives to identify challenges and opportunities for introducing a new brand to a wider audience. The risk was that by moving from a business model centered wholly on mint, the company could lose credibility with existing clients. And, from a competitive standpoint, they did not yet have the reputation or market share in other flavor profiles to attract new clients.


Stoke recommended a new brand position around “flavor innovation.” This bold new direction encompasses the company’s expertise in mint as well as other flavors. It also suggests the idea that they are creators – not just suppliers – which more accurately represents their development and partnership role in product and flavor creation. To clearly signal the change, a name change was also recommended – from I.P. Callison & Sons to Callisons.

In coordination with our design partner Turnstyle, Stoke created a new website that visually expresses the unlimited variety of flavor possibilities – and the many ways Callisons can partner with clients to achieve their goals. A unique “taste pattern” brandement hints at molecular structure, reinforcing the idea that Callisons is blending science with art to craft the ideal product form, function and flavor to achieve the desired outcome.

The new brand position and identity was rolled out through many vehicles that Stoke developed including tradeshow booths, business papers, advertising, candy packaging, digital marketing, and even branded footwear for every employee.

The company has already seen increased traffic at tradeshows and events, as well as attention from the media. In May 2017, the company opened its first international facility in Suzhou, China. The facility will include sales, marketing, R&D, flavor development and production divisions.

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